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As of March 1, 2009, all the CNWS titles will be temporarily transferred to Amsterdam University Press (AUP), to guarantee the availability of the books for our customers worldwide. Amsterdam University Press has distribution facilities in the US & Canada through the University of Chicago Press, and in the rest of the world through various representatives.
The intention is to incorporate the CNWS titles within the new Leiden University Press (LUP), which is now being set up.

The CNWS Publications website will be in the air until a definitive decision has been made.

If you have any urgent questions or orders, please contact us before February 26 at cnwspublications@let.leidenuniv.nl.
For orders, after March 1, please send your e-mail to bestellingen@aup.nl. You can also use the online order form, after February 28, this will automatically be forwarded to AUP.

We would like to thank you all for your trust, positive responses and continued interest in CNWS Publications.

Kind regards,
Guita Winkel (Publisher) and Sanderien de Jong
(Sales and Marketing)

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New / Anthropology, Museum History


Rudolf Effert, Royal Cabinets and Auxiliary Branches. Origins of the National Museum of Ethnology 1816-1883. Mededelingen van het Rijksmuseum van Volkenkunde Leiden, no. 37. ISBN 978-90-5789-159-5. 340 pp., ill., incl. index, bibl. and annexes. € 49,95 (CNWS Publications, Vol. 159)
This book deals with the origins of the present-day National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, and covers the period from 1816 to 1883.

With the foundation of the Royal Cabinet of Rarities in The Hague in 1816, a transformation took place from mainly private collections to national state-owned collections. The founding of the Royal Cabinet was one of the first attempts to create something like a National Museum. This book traces the purposes and motives of private collecting and the emergence of cabinets of curiosities, the composition of the collections, and the move towards a National Museum.

This book is based on extensive research in the archives of the Royal Cabinet of Rarities. More information

New / Linguistics

Katja Hann?, Indigenous Languages of Latin America (ILLA) Vol. 7, Uchumataqu: The lost language of the Urus of Bolivia. A grammatical description of the language as documented between 1894 and 1952. ISBN 978-90-5789-158-8. 330 pp., incl. index. € 47,50 (CNWS publications Vol. 158) JUNE 2008

This book is the first comprehensive grammatical description of Uchumataqu, the language of the Uru of Lake Titicaca in north-western Bolivia. Uchumataqu forms part of the isolated language family Uru-Chipaya but has been influenced to differing degrees by Aymara, Quechua, and Spanish. The Uchumataqu language became extinct around 1950. Although several researchers had documented the language during the first half of the 20th century, much of the material remained unstudied. This book is the first to take into consideration every previous study of the Uchumataqu language.

This book is aimed at linguists from all disciplines but is of equal interest to anthropologists, Americanists, historical linguists, typologists, and linguists with a special interest in Andean studies. More information...

New / History

Mauritiana 3: Brazilië in de Nederlandse archieven (1624 - 1654). Documenten in het Koninklijk Huisarchief en in het Archief van de Staten-Generaal / O Brasil em arquivos neerlandeses (1624-1654): Documentos no arquivo da Casa Real e no Arquivo dos Estados Gerais ISBN 978-90-5789-157-1. 606 pp.+ XXIV, incl. indexes, glossary, maps. Hardback. € 64,95 (CNWS Publications Vol. 157) APRIL 2008

Mauritiana is een serie die tot doel heeft om geschreven documenten en kaarten over Nederlands Brazilië (1624–1654) toegankelijker te maken door middel van tweetalige uitgaves, Nederlands en Portugees. De naam van de serie is een eerbetoon aan graaf Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen (1604–1679), een militair die door het bestuur van de West Indische Compagnie als gouverneur van Nederlands Brazilië (1637–1644) werd aangesteld. Onder zijn bewind bereikte de Nederlandse aanwezigheid in Brazilië haar hoogtepunt. Series Mauritiana

Moon, Suzanne, Studies in Overseas History, Vol. 9, Technology and Ethical Idealism. A History of Development in the Netherlands East Indies. ISBN 978-90-5789-156-4. 192 pp. ill., incl. bibliogr. and index. € 39,95
(CNWS Publications Vol. 156) DECEMBER 2007

Technology and Ethical Idealism investigates a pivotal intellectual and political moment in twentieth-century Indonesian history, the establishment of ?development? as both an ideal and a practice. The focus of this study is on technological development as a central concern of colonial political life from 1900 to 1942 in the Netherlands East Indies.
Offering a new exploration of politics and technology in colonial Indonesia , this book will interest historians of Indonesia and Southeast Asia , historians of technology, and those seeking to understand the complex colonial roots of international development. More information...

Other recent publications:
A new Volume in our RMV Series: Colonial Collections Revisited by Pieter ter Keurs Korea in the Middle. Korean studies and area studies: essays in honour of Boudewijn Walraven by Remco Breuker, R.E. (ed.) Wetzels, W. L. (ed.), ILLA Vol. 5, Language Endangerment and Endangered Languages

Danielsen, S., ILLA Vol. 6, Baure. An Arawak Language of Bolivia

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